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This page is a compilation of our favorite thoughts, images and customer feedback.  We'll periodically post original articles, interviews, and help celebrate experiences with "Man's Best Friend."  If you would to have something considered for posting, please drop us an email at or visit our Facebook page  Our 7th installment below is an exclusive interview with Dee Ganley, a dog trainer specializing in agility!  We've also included a photo below of her dog Flip.  Enjoy!



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What is dog agility?

Dog agility is a series of jumps and obstacles a canine and his owner must perform. Eagerly, dogs of all breeds and all sizes come and compete at several different levels. Being a popular sport in the animal world, it is also exhilarating to watch. Along with the pressure of receiving no faults or disqualifications, the team is racing against the clock. Here, we talk with Dee Ganley, a dog trainer in the Andover, New Hampshire area.


How did you get into agility?

I had a Husky wolf mix named Katie when I was 13 years old. I used to build obstacles for her!


What was the first dog you competed with?

I started with a dog named Tucker, 20 years ago. He was an Australian Shepherd rescue who needed a job. He died at age 15. I also had a poodle named Abigail who I adopted from a grooming customer.


What type of dog do you think is best for agility?

Any Border Collie, Australian Shepherd or herding dog!


What type of agility competitions are there?

There are the Canine Performance Event and United States Dog Agility Association trials. Also, most clubs hold their own trials.


What obstacle do your dogs like the best?

They like the tunnels and the weave poles. They also like to stand on top of the a-frame and look around!


Visit Dee’s website at

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